The story behind

Chew Chew Bun

Every great business has an origin story, and Chew Chew Bun is no different! Since deciding to launch our brand-new logo, we wanted to also give our loyal customers and fans the story behind the name “Chew Chew Bun”.

It all began with a 🐰.

July, 2016

A rescue bunny

A rescue bunny named Chewy, to be precise.
The year was 2016. On a warm July day, Skye – the owner of Chew Chew Bun – was working in Southern California. After lunch, he and his colleagues stumbled across something small and fluffy in the bushes. Peering into the vegetation, Skye was surprised to see a tiny bunny! His nails were extremely long, likely due to being abandoned for a while. This wasn’t a wild rabbit. No, Chewy had obviously been a pet at some point.

Chew Chew

What could Skye do?
The logical step was to take Chewy to a local veterinarian to see if he had a microchip. Unfortunately, they had no luck locating his previous owners. Weeks passed. Knowing Chewy wouldn’t survive alone outdoors, Skye brought him home and gave him the necessary care. Soon, Chewy was hopping around happily, munching on carrots and snuggling close. He quickly earned the nickname “Chew Chew.” Which (as you probably guessed) is where the bakery name Chew Chew Bun comes from.


Skye later adopted a second female bunny at a local bunny rescue shelter. Her name was Bubble.

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Today, our company’s black and white logo represents both Chewy and Bubble’s fur colors. The name Chew Chew Bun honors the sweet bunnies who added love, laughter, and inspiration to Skye’s life.
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